100 Blog Post Ideas For All Kinds Of Blogs

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Blogging is all fun and games when you have plenty to write about but it can be bloody difficult when you hit a writers block or you just run out of ideas. I’ve compiled a list below of several blog post ideas for different kinds of subjects, so if you’ve been struggling to write lately, you should definitely find something here to kick some life back into your blog.


100 blog post ideas for all kinds of blogs


Posts for all niches

  1. An introduction to your blog.
  2. Share your story.
  3. Let your audience know how you overcame a particular issue.
  4. Answer a question you’ve received as a blog post.
  5. A list post, such as “7 Reasons You Should Be Doing ______”
  6. A case study of a client or reader.
  7. A behind the scenes post of your business or blogging life.
  8. A review post of a new hot product in your niche.
  9. A controversial opinion.
  10. Reveal some misconceptions about your topic and tell your audience why they’re not true.


Lifestyle bloggers

  1. What’s in your handbag.
  2. Share playlists for different moods, e.g. for calming down, cheering up, getting a good night sleep, exercise.
  3. A tour of where you live. Take pictures of your town and share what you love about it.
  4. “20 facts about me” post, that will help your readers get to know you.
  5. A roundup of your favourite blog posts from other bloggers.
  6. A list of your favourite podcasts.
  7. An interview with someone that inspires you.
  8. Share your daily health & fitness routine.
  9. Share your latest shopping haul.
  10. A step-by-step of your latest creative project, with tips on how your readers can join in.


Food bloggers

  1. A look inside your fridge. Include some affiliate links to your favourite products.
  2. Kitchen gadgets you can and can’t live without.
  3. How you style your food photographs.
  4. A roundup post of your past recipes, e.g. “15 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes”
  5. Find out the best chain restaurants for specific diets, such as vegan, paleo, wheat allergy etc.
  6. Recreate a favourite fast food menu item.
  7. How to throw the perfect dinner party. Include a guide to how much you should make to serve X amount of people.
  8. A quick guide on how to use up leftovers.
  9. A meal prep how-to post, including which foods are good to freeze.
  10. Your new favourite ingredient and what meals you’ve been cooking with it.


Fashion/Beauty bloggers

  1. A step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve a specific look.
  2. Your make-up bag essentials.
  3. How to put together a capsule wardrobe on a budget.
  4. How to dress for your body shape.
  5. Your daily skincare routine.
  6. A list of your favourite full coverage foundations.
  7. A make-up challenge, e.g. Doing a make-up look in under 30 minutes, Wearing a new style for a day…
  8. A list of your favourite products or brands that sell cruelty free make-up/suitable for vegans/don’t test on animals etc.
  9. How to customise an old piece of clothing to make it new again.
  10. A roundup post of what you wore that week.


Travel bloggers

  1. Be a tourist in your own city for the day and share the best hidden gems.
  2. Share some tips on how you take the perfect travel instagram photo.
  3. Your travel bucket list (edit the post and cross them off when you’ve visited, linking to a post where you talk about your trip).
  4. A product guide to travel essentials.
  5. A guide to travelling safely.
  6. What’s in your suitcase. (Do one for each type of trip).
  7. A roundup post of your favourite travel moments.
  8. How to choose a hotel.
  9. Unique places to stay instead of a hotel room.
  10. Things you wish you new before visiting X


Business/Blogging bloggers

  1. How to make money from home.
  2. Share your income reports every month.
  3. What to do in the slower season.
  4. 50 ways to market your business.
  5. How to market your business for free.
  6. How to make your business/blog legal.
  7. A guide to making passive income alongside your business.
  8. A step-by-step on setting up a website.
  9. How to get people to sign up to your email list.
  10. Resource post, e.g. “5 Places to get free stock photos for your blog”.


Health & Fitness bloggers

  1. Do a comparison post about two conditions that are usually confused for each other.
  2. Post a workout challenge and include an image with all the steps, so it can easily be shared.
  3. Share several exercises that burn X amount of calories.
  4. How to naturally boost your metabolism.
  5. Different workouts of different lifestyles, e.g. 30 minute workouts, Exercising at work.
  6. Share the health benefits of a new product/trend.
  7. How to change your relationship with food.
  8. How to stay motivated.
  9. Tips on what exercises you can do when you’re not feeling your best.
  10. An exercise = food post, where you show your audience which treats they can have if they burn X amount of calories.


Mental health bloggers

  1. Share your mental health story.
  2. A roundup of resources, such as helplines, online therapy, worksheets, favourite books.
  3. Talk about what it feels like to have a mental illness.
  4. Share how stigma around mental illness has affected you personally.
  5. Share your mental health goals.
  6. Tips on self care.
  7. Your favourite products that help you day-to-day, such as essential oils or calming sprays.
  8. A guide to bullet jounaling for mental health.
  9. Talk about something in particular that really improved your mental health.
  10. Things that you have learnt from having a mental illness.


Financial/Budget bloggers

  1. A guide to different kinds of savings accounts and their benefits.
  2. An easy step-by-step to saving £100.
  3. The art of coupons.
  4. A list of online shop promo codes for the month.
  5. How to handle financial stress.
  6. Investments that will change your life.
  7. How to improve your credit score.
  8. Spending habits that are stopping you from saving money.
  9. Share how you saved/earned X amount of money.
  10. How to get on the property ladder / What you need to have in place before getting a mortgage.


Photography bloggers

  1. How to take stunning instagram photos.
  2. The art of the flat lay.
  3. A look inside your equipment bag.
  4. A guide to taking photos when the sun is harsh.
  5. A beginners guide to aperture and shutter speed.
  6. 10 Places you can sell your photographs online
  7. How to make money from photography. Stock, weddings, portraits, commercial etc.
  8. Behind the scenes, How you got the shot. Show your lighting set up, how you found the location, how you edited etc.
  9. Marketing tips for photographers.
  10. Finding photo props on a budget.


Hope that helps! If you use any of these for your next blog post, do leave a link in the comments so we can read 🙂

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