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I'm Kel, a Somerset blogger originally from North Wales & a professional portrait photographer. I grew up with a severe social anxiety disorder and now blog about triumphing over anxiety and looking after your mental health.


Lying Because Of Social Anxiety

I spent years lying because of social anxiety. Not in a malicious way or in a way to hurt and deceive people but because of the way that social anxiety had deceived me. The truth is, social anxiety warps your perception of how people see you and how situations really are. It convinces you that ... READ the POST

Starting A Social Anxiety Blog To Raise Awareness

This social anxiety blog will be 6 years old soon. Back when I started my blog, I had no idea what I was doing in terms of getting my posts in front of an audience or how to properly write a blog post and get it ranked on search engines. I was just writing how I felt and hoping someone would ... READ the POST