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I'm Kel, a Somerset blogger originally from North Wales & a professional portrait photographer. I grew up with a severe social anxiety disorder and now blog about triumphing over anxiety and looking after your mental health.


Starting A Social Anxiety Blog To Raise Awareness

This social anxiety blog will be 6 years old soon. Back when I started my blog, I had no idea what I was doing in terms of getting my posts in front of an audience or how to properly write a blog post and get it ranked on search engines. I was just writing how I felt and hoping someone would ... READ the POST

Social Anxiety Safety Behaviours

What are social anxiety safety behaviours and how do they impact our progress? The years that I spent in therapy, I learnt a hell of a lot. A lot about myself, about social anxiety and mental health in general. One of the things I learnt was that there are certain things we do in social ... READ the POST