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to my Mental Health blog.

I'm Kel, a Somerset blogger originally from North Wales & a professional portrait photographer. I grew up with a severe social anxiety disorder and now blog about triumphing over anxiety and looking after your mental health.


What Are The Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety?

Anxiety is well known for being a mental health condition but can also present itself through many real physical symptoms, making it tough for some of us to know that what we are experiencing is actually anxiety. Sometimes when a physical symptom presents itself, it can feel like something really ... READ the POST

10 Blogging Secrets I Wish I Knew Before I Started

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I've been blogging for nearly 5 years and it wasn't until just over a year ago that I finally figured out the blogging secrets to building a professional and profitable blog. Since making such a large amount of progress in a small amount of time, compared to how long I'd actually been blogging for, ... READ the POST

12 Habits For Good Mental Health

Everyone has mental health, whether it's good or bad, or even somewhere in between. Our mental health needs looking after, just like our physical health and in the same way that we can easily slip into bad habits that affect our body in a harmful way, we can just as easily pick up bad habits or ... READ the POST

How My Job Helped Me Overcome Social Anxiety

A 19 year old Kel hadn't really done a lot of the things her friends had done, like finishing school, getting drunk at the park, going to nightclubs, going to college. Nope, I was a complete recluse as a teenager and missed out on a bunch of typical teenagery things. I'd only ever had one ... READ the POST