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About the blog

Anxious Lass is a mental health blog, focusing on social anxiety by Somerset blogger, Kelly Jean.

After painstakingly scouring the internet for websites/articles related to Social Anxiety, I kept landing on super medical resources, written by professionals that just made me feel alienated. I desperately wanted something I could actually relate to! I wanted to know that other people with Social Anxiety struggled with checkout lines and automatically assumed that any laughter coming from anywhere was definitely directing at them. I wanted to know that I wasn’t the only one who worried about people looking out of their windows at me when I walked down a street. I wanted to know I wasn’t alone.

Starting a mental health blog and writing about my experiences in a personal way has helped me connect with so many people who also have Social Anxiety and now I definitely know that my experiences aren’t uncommon.

I have suffered with Social Anxiety since I was a toddler. I couldn’t play with all the other kids at play school and my anxiety just got worse and worse to the point I spent 6 months at a time indoors, couldn’t open the curtains and hid under the window sill every time someone would come to the door. I was finally diagnosed with a severe social anxiety disorder at 14.

After lots of CBT and exposure therapy and generally just kicking the shit out of my anxiety I am a much more confident person. I still get anxious often but I now have the tools I need to manage it better.

I created this mental health blog to help other people and to have a safe place to vent about the trials of social anxiety.

A little about me

My name is Kel and I was born in a small industrial town on the border of North Wales/North West of England, but now I reside in a much more pleasant area in Somerset. I’m a mother to my gorgeous identical twin boys, Daegun and Caden and I have my own photography business.

I’m a metalhead and a huge horror fan and I also love to cook.

My inbox is always open if you need some advice or just want someone to vent to, contact me if you want someone to talk to!

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I'm Kel, a Somerset blogger originally from North Wales & a professional portrait photographer. I grew up with a severe social anxiety disorder and now blog about triumphing over anxiety and looking after your mental health.


  1. great about me page! I recently suffered social anxiety as a result of being sleep deprived but was able to overcome that. I have suffered general anxiety disorder all my life though. I love that you mentioned that everyone has anxiety to a degree, I don’t think everyone realizes how true it is!

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