30 Funny And Relatable Social Anxiety Quotes For Instagram

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I started posting these social anxiety quotes on Instagram over a year ago because I wanted to a) know that I wasn’t the only one experiencing these things and b) laugh through the pain!

Social anxiety itself isn’t funny but making fun of myself is how I manage to take my power back.

If you want to laugh with me, then enjoy these social anxiety quotes and feel free to share them!

Social Anxiety Quotes

1. I laugh in the face of danger!!!! … but, like, a nervous laugh and then I have a panic attack and run away.

2. Social Anxiety is letting your phone go to voicemail but not being able to call the person back because using the phone is scary.

3. Them: You’re really quiet, you should talk more.
Me: Well, actually I did see this cool thing on…
Them: *interrupts you and never fucking returns to the topic*

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4. Social Anxiety is letting someone call you by the wrong name because you’re too scared correct them.

5. Social Anxiety is freaking out when someone asks you what you do for fun because nothing you do is socially accepted as fun.

6. The sheer anxiety when someone says “Can I ask you something?” then they don’t respond for HOURS!!

7. Social anxiety is feeling like your whole life is one big conspiracy theory.

8. When someone tells you not to be anxious and then looks at you, waiting for you to be cured

9. Social anxiety is thinking of ways to fake your own death every time you’re too anxious to go somewhere

10. The feeling of absolute betrayal when you’ve geared yourself up to going out and then your friend brings along someone you’ve never met at the last minute.

11. Social anxiety is picking something off the menu that you didn’t even want because it was easier to pronounce.

12. Social anxiety is thinking someone hates you because they’ve seen your message and not replied yet.

13. Social anxiety is feeling sick about a social event that isn’t even happening until a years time.

14. Social anxiety is not being able to remember anything about yourself when someone asks you a question.

15. Social anxiety is wanting to travel the world but needing to do breathing exercises just to go to Aldi.

16. Social anxiety is being quiet in public but loud as fuck around your friends, to the point that people don’t believe you have social anxiety.

17. Social anxiety is having people think you’re rude because you’re barely talking to them.

18. Social anxiety is ordering things online so you don’t have to go to the shop but being too scared to answer the door when your order is delivered.

19. Social anxiety is when it takes you 45 minutes to practice “I’ll have a big mac and a diet coke please”.

20. Social anxiety is listening to music on your headphones in public and worrying that you’re breathing too loud.

21. Social anxiety is when your character in The Sims has more mates than you!

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Funny And Relatable Social Anxiety Quotes For Instagram

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3 thoughts on “30 Funny And Relatable Social Anxiety Quotes For Instagram

  1. I really like your blogs and in particular this one.

    I believe that it is an inspiration for others, in a similar situation to yourself, encouraging them to be able to reach out and make those connections. Sometimes it is the simple things that can lead to better places.

    I’m going to hop over to Instagram and check out your page.

    Good luck with all that you do and Well done you for standing up to those inner critical voices