To all of the kids being bullied at school

To All Of The Kids Being Bullied At School

A while ago, I wrote a letter on my blog to my high school bullies. Even if they would never read it, it was incredibly cathartic for me to write and put out there and lots of you actually emailed me to say you had been through the same or were currently going through the same thing. It was so genuinely nice to talk to people who have had similar experiences, as back then I couldn't talk to anyone about it. Today though, I want to reach out to those of you that are being bullied in school right now because I have something to share with you... The bullies at my school started teasing me very early, as early as primary school (I would have been around 6 when it started) and it continued into high school. All of my bullies were different, I didn't have just one group of bullies throughout my school days, it was several. Due to that, I felt the things they were saying about me and things they were doing to me was justified. I figured that if all these people think there's something about me worth bullying, then it must be true because that many kids can't be wrong. Do you want to know the reasons they gave me for teasing me, calling me names and physically assaulting … READ MORE