Social Anxiety Exposures: Travelling Abroad & Facebook Live

A couple of weeks ago, I put feelers out there, to see if you lovely lot would be interested in me doing a blog series, describing what things I've been doing to tackle my social anxiety and any exposure experiments I've been doing. The initial idea seemed to go down quite well, so now I'm putting it into practice. Before I just go ahead and tell you what I've been upto, I first want to explain what I mean by "social anxiety exposures" to anybody that's scratching their head in confusion at this point. Exposure Therapy is a common type of treatment for anxiety, usually used in CBT, where you face your fears gradually. You're basically exposing yourself to the thing that scares you but in smaller, easier steps and instead of doing things like, avoiding the situation, running away, making excuses to leave, you stay in the situation until your anxiety level drops. I love this kind of therapy technique and even talk about it in my free anxiety guide. It's been a long time since I finished therapy but I always make sure I keep up with using the techniques I learned there. Here's just a few things I've done in the last few weeks, while tackling my social … READ MORE