Social Anxiety To Social Success

Social Anxiety To Social Success: The Social Anxiety Ebook

I know that I've been extremely quiet on the blog this month and that's mainly down to working hard on my brand new ebook (yippeee) and trying to get it completed but also because I've been super tired with my pregnancy. Being pregnant with twins is hard guys, I'm literally made of 90% heartburn as I type this right now and I'm doing it from the comfort of my bed because I feel all sorts of crap. I'm halfway there now and it will all be worth it when they get here :) But back to the ebook; I really wanted to create an ebook that wasn't just an explanation of social anxiety or an account of living with social anxiety but an ebook with actionable content to help people overcome social anxiety, so that's exactly what I've done. Social Anxiety To Social Success combines real life advice, worksheets (that are actually FUN to fill out) and some relatable anecdotes from yours truly. It's full of real talk and encouragement and I've made the steps as simple as I can because I hate things that are overcomplicated and I'm sure you feel the same. Here's a little peek: Yes, there's even a bonus mini guide on how to have conversations because I know they can be the hardest of … READ MORE