How It Went At Heinekens Race To The Tower

How It Went At Heineken’s Race To The Tower 2017

I posted before I went on holiday, that me and Shay would be taking part in Heineken's Race To The Tower event on the 10th of June. Well, the event has been and gone and I'd love to share the experience with you all, especially as some of you so kindly sponsored us - which we appreciate more than you will ever know! This amazing trail marathon took place along the Cotswolds Way, somewhere I had never been before and was extremely excited about seeing. We decided we would walk instead of run as we had less than 6 weeks of training, I also haven't run since before my illness last year so I wasn't about to try for the first time at such a long distance. I'm glad we decided to walk because to put it bluntly, that was fucking hard enough! The course itself was pretty brutal, so many hills! This was no ordinary marathon, with constantly changing terrain and steep climbs that were rewarded with breathtaking views.     This was an experience of a lifetime for me... to think that just a couple of years ago I wouldn't have mentally been able to do it. It's a testament to how far I've come with my anxiety disorder and that thought alone made me feel very emotional … READ MORE